Spring 2012 demo

by Introns

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released May 26, 2012



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Track Name: Curbing the L.D.
I've been slipping at the lip like a faulty switch. Spit the mass appeal with a few chapters missed. What's going well, I'll be sure to fuck it all up. Shortest straw ensures a swift and bitter end for the mating calls of a skinny twurp.

Exciting, ninth grade style, like beepers and 143s. Hairy tongues, forgotten loves, and targets that won't seize.

I'm the sketchy weirdo lurking by the tracks. Self-quarantined symbol for the traits I lack. My name has become a euphemism for myself. Synonymous with insecure, a wacky loon, a cartoon version.

Give me something you can't understand - why losers always win. Douchebags like myself will curb the LD until then.
Track Name: Paying Dues
The winds have changed their course, uncertainty has followed in their path. Hope dissolves and bitterness resolve to sift through sand. Allegations of her enemy will lay and wait. Patterns of seeds spread across a drying earth emerge.

And I know that you'll find a way. Faith in hollowed seas. Hunger pangs that guide us forward, or the vector of disease.

Redshifted to exhaustion, a squashed perception of the blinding light. Stripped out of your autonomy, the drunk eye wobble feeling of our time.

Through the thick and thin I've stayed by your side, so don't collapse and fold. Lessons learned aren't always cut from the mold. Dig a little deeper, go ahead and pinch off just an inch. Don't you feel safer now that you're home?

Can you keep a secret? Weathered fingers stinging from the cold. When all we needed was something trust had bought and sold. Reduced to... we're paying dues.
Track Name: Enviropig
And when the dams begin to burst, the stink of shit will slap you first. Preceding a tidal wave of fertile waste that's sure to straight eutrophy your streams and lakes. Kill all the fish, and then erase all traces of life, except mosquitoes that've worn out their welcome.

There's few things i would sacrifice to increase your comfort now. But if you're willing for a compromise halfway...

A warming sun is shining bright, melting your plastic bottled life. Will you buy it? Cuz it's on sale. Even when the price is free. So carve it up, and serve it straight, that belly skin it sure tastes great. Force feeding, will you eat it? Will you eat what they put on your plate?

When your faith has blinded reasoning, and the colors fade and dull. Oxidized with time you can't escape.

So styrofoam clouds your mind over time. Sure, the blogs you read, they have all the answers. And the kids have got a new infection now. Scooping up poopies, catch the C. diff.