demo 1​/​9​/​12

by Introns



released January 9, 2012



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Track Name: Bathroom Graffiti
don't let it get to you, the perils she brings. we all get stepped on sometimes. skewed out a bit from betrayal, it stings. we all weave out from the lines. tear out of vacancy, radiate heat, the safest way you can bleed. don't sink down and admit your defeat, while others are planting their seeds. you've stood up to the condescending, you've missed the cues to bow out gracefully, not distastefully, the sooner you get off your cloud. we've grown old, but we're still down. gather clues, report back to the base. so tune in, just show us your face. they claim that the end is near, to me it all seems so new. when nerves stretched out snap like rubber bands, anxiety's sticky glue. we've grown old.
Track Name: Nervosa
slip outside your dome, the process of decay. center splits apart, it's like my own dichotomy i've rendered into. it's on the front page news. it circulates each day. with fingertips chewed off you plaster yourself as the norm, the center of the curve. we're normal. yet on your second wind, you muster up the strength to slash and burn all obstacles so nothing phases, nothing bothers. but limbs they won't grow back from the slice of tempered steel. chalk it up to some congenial defect, watch it all unfold.
Track Name: Don't Doubt Me
get up from your bed and see the world today. you've lost your job, can't pay your rent, i know our stories are all the same. peel back to the core your insecurities. roll the dutch and seal it shut to release anxiety. on and on, the world has let you down. or so that's where you'd like to place the blame. when you're feeling like the gum that's stuck under the desk, you've jinxed your chances for recovery. when you decide to swim against the waves, i waste no time to throw you out a line, but instead you swim away. so when you're saying hello, and when you're shaking my hand, just know that unlike yourself, i'm working off of a plan. don't you doubt me, there's no false promises or pretense here. fire on all engines now, prepare to take that flight. stretch out attention spans till fractions are reglued. stay close, don't go.
Track Name: the mayor
urine stains that have soaked through his pants leave a sewer stench for bums to dance. mutant plans have fused his vertebrae, and for this whole damn town he is the face. you're a joke, so just listen, although teeth are rotted or missing, somehow you spit out rhetoric with no end, but to me you're not so convincing. what you think is prowess is just your coat of sleaze, a pellicle slithering disease. fix the problems spilled into my lap, resort to mop up slimy crap. so shut up, fucking scumbag. self-importance it won't earn you respect. don't you realize that everyone hates you? the facade you put on it will end soon. as for your filthy friend, we had you figured out. a smile like pan am wasn't our only doubt. don't come back home you're not welcome here. save ridiculous excuses for the brainwashed sheep.
Track Name: Rust and Smut
push out their hollowed insides, feel the pith and burst of air that's to resonate. embedded into rust and smut, swallow your pride and chase it down with your luck. looks like your stuck in a rut. you flake, it seems you've popped your top. the center of attention, pop on the firm flop. so, push me aside but i'll still get ahead. while you're surrounded by fairweather friends. the stale and brittle feelings, claim to be the victim but you skimp out the past, leaving behind only blurred reflections of yourself, you strain to focus but the image just won't seem to come in clear. what can i do?
Track Name: EnviroPig - unfinished
And when the dams begin to burst the stink of shit will slap you first, preceding the tidal wave of fertile waste that's sure to eutrophy your streams and lakes. kill all the fish and then erase all traces of life, except the algael bloom. Prepare for phosphate hell. There's few things I would sacrifice to increase your comfort now. But if you're willing for a compromise halfway. So carve it up and serve it straight. That belly skin, it sure tastes great. When your faith has blinded reasoning, and the colors fade and dull. Oxidized with time you can't escape.